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Sebastián Godoy        
Degree in Marine Biology graduated from the National University of Mar del Plata in 2003 with extensive training in theater, dance, clowning, masks and circus. His teachers include: Cristina Moreira, Guillermo Angelelli, Osqui Guzman, Guillermo "Toto" Castiñeiras, Gabriel Chame BuenDia, Sue Morrison, and Marcelo Katz. He was part of the Clun Company Marcelo Katz, Lunatix Cristina Ribas and The William Farfala Castiñeiras. He did shows at the Teatro General San Martin, Teatro Nacional Cervantes, Cultural Center of Cooperation, Ciudad Cultural Konex, Avenida Theater, among others. 

He teaches clown for boys and adults in diferents places of Buenos Aires city. In 2006 he was selected to attend to the seminar Introduction to clown through the mask, taught by Sue Morrison (Canada). He won the open call at the First Festival of Clown Red-UBA with the number "Besame Mucho". He was pre-selected by the Cirque du Solei with her number "Dancing Sodas" to be part of future shows.

With these numbers participates in various festivals in the country and abroad, "HazmeReir" (Mar del Plata), "Payasadas Festival" (Rosario), "I love Rio Cuarto" (Cordoba), EIMyC (Salta), "Festiclown" (Santa Fe), "Festival de Circo do Brasil" (Recife), "Inside-Out Act3 Festival (Singapore) 2014 FIA (Costa Rica).
In theater he worked in "Bernarda", "Lunatix" "Elemental" "The upside down kingdom" "Cuentopos of Gulubú" "The Circus of Dreams," "deluded", "Water", "Variety Unspeakable", "Variete Winter "" Hache dos O "," Shh! Variete "," Pure Blabla, "Hazme Reir on holiday" and "Yoyo" one-man show (touring Singapore 2012 and Italy and Brazil 2013). In Television works with Julian Weich in the "Just in Time" program throughout the 2010. He is the creator and artist of two companies in which Lostré to present their child "Hache two O, a solid, liquid and funny show" and Los bla bla with which, under the direction of Guillermo Angelelli, present their show "Pure bla bla" in the Teatro Cervantes within the framework of cycle Theater for Identity. It was nominated for the 2014 Sea Star Awards for his work on this show and laughing stock in Holidays (Winner best children's show) as best actor.

Since 2010 the company is part of "The Bla Bla" who creates and performs with the shows: "Puro Blabla" and "Bla Bla, The Movie" both directed by Guillermo Angelelli. Y "Tranquimanso vol. 1y2 "and "Blabla, the preseason" in addition to working together in various contexts

'Compañía Lostré'

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'Compañía Lostré' was made up by 2009, but its integrants had already been together during their theatrical formation and in several shows. Some of their teachers were Gabriel Chame, Toto Castiñeiras, Osqui Guzmán, Guillermo Angelelli and Marcelo Katz, with whom they performed many shows, such as 'Ilusos' (Konex, 2007), 'Aguas' (Recoleta and Konex, 2008-2009) and 'Aires' (Konex 2009).

Gathered by their similar way of perceiving and feeling things, they decided to set out on this trip together and to start performing their own shows. 'Hache dos O, un espectáculo sólido, líquido y gracioso' is the first one of them. They're currently rehearsing their new show, 'Sólo sapiens', which is related to the daily man. The group itself works as a scenario, in which technical and artistical development are allowed in the context of teatrical discipline.

'Los BlaBla'

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'Los BlaBla' is a group composed by actors, clowns, comedians and musicians that make sketches, scenes and songs which try to spread consciousness, equality, identity and the cultural diversity of this country and language through laughter.


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Yoyo is an adventure about ourselves, our inner me and the composer kid that’s inside of us. It’s about originality, which isn’t related to what’s new, but to stay true to who we are.

A clown’s chest filled with games and dreams is waiting in the middle of the stage to teach us who we are and make us remind the child that’s inside of us and the capability of being amazed, naive, creative and to stay true to ourselves. Playing just for the joy of playing.

Julian's got Teletubbies - Clarín newspaper

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Julián tiene Teletubbies

“Justo a tiempo”. Empezaron en el ciclo de Weich como ayudantes en los juegos y se convirtieron en un grupo de humor.

Entre las gratas sorpresas de esta tercera temporada de Justo a tiempo (lunes a viernes de 17 a 19, por Telefe), sobresalen los “Gómez, López, Pérez y Díaz”. Personajes un tanto lisérgicos, que visten coloridos trajes a mitad de camino entre los Telettubies y el Chapulín Colorado, y que han crecido notablemente dentro del programa, sumándole frescura y un humor siempre al borde de lo bizarro.